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07th of July 1973 in Mandal/Norway
Instrument: Guitar and Vocal, songwriter and composer.
Equipment: Mayones Custom Guitars, Pyramid Strings, Picks form and some other no-name stuff
Past, Present Bands: Clairvoya, Ingermanland, Scariot, Communic
Favorite Guitar Players: Arjen A. Lucassen, Andy LaRoque, Dave Mustane
Favorite Vocalists: R.J. Dio, Rob Halford
Favorite Drummer: Drumkit From Hell never complains
Favorite Bands: Megadeth, Fates Warning, Queensryche, Dio, Judas "Prost" Jag Panzer, King Diamond, Nevermore, Ayreon, Testament, Deadsoul Tribe, Psychotic Waltz, Marillion and loads of more ...
First Album Bought: First CD bought was Sanctuary - Mirror Black & Slayer - Season In the abyss
Favorite Food: Mexican and Indian food
Favorite Drink: Water
Favorite Waste of Time: My family, Graphic design and computer stuff, creating music, TV, playing video games
Favorite Vacation: Someplace warm, far away from anything that reminds me of snow
One Wish For A Time Travel: Back to 11. September 1842. The night Ingermanland disappeared in the dark at south cape of Norway
Final Word Of Advice: Don't count on anyone!

Communic - Payment Of Existence - New album 2008 - Nuclear Blast
Nuclear Blast All-star CD - Into the light - 2007 - Nuclear Blast
Communic - Waves Of Visual Decay - 2006 - Nuclear Blast
Communic - Conspiracy In Mind - 2005 - Nuclear Blast
Communic - Conspiracy In Mind - Demo - 2004 - Communic
Scariot - Strange To Numbers - 2003 - Face Front Records
Scariot - Pushing For Perfection - demo 2002 - Scariot
Scariot - Pinion Dark - demo 2002 - Scariot
Ingermanland - Beyond Equator - Promo 2001 - unreleased
Ingermanland - Surface as Ceiling - Promo 1999 - unreleased
Clairvoya - Demo 1997 - unreleased
Clairvoya - Electric Sun - mini CD 1996 – Clairvoya